60 Day Fruit Cleanse: A Plantbawdy Metamorphosis (EBOOK)

60 Day Fruit Cleanse: A Plantbawdy Metamorphosis (EBOOK)

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My first fast was in 2019, a raw fruit and veggie fast that I embarked on for 30-days with my two children. We felt amazing after that deep cleansing! I knew that I was only scratching the surface and that a deeper healing was possible. I later decided to fast with smoothies only for 3 days, months later I fasted on fruits only for 7 days and I progressed from there... It took time, I allowed my body to lead the way, not pushing myself more than I could handle. Three years later, I dived into the longest fast (deep cleanse) of my life, 60- Days on fruit ONLY! 

We think its impossible until its done! I am no different from you, I am you! I want to show you the way, and then you can take it from there! 

Allow my guidebook to transform your mind from, I COULD NEVER DO THAT to I DID IT!

Customer Reviews

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Glenda Corprew

Love love love the 60 day fruit cleanse,very helpful... great info . Thank you soon very much

deasa taylor
Very informative

I love the information in this ebook. it was quick and straight to the point and was so real.

Apple'z Stovall
I recommend it

This was very informative and encouraging to read before starting my suit cleanse.

Catrena B
60 Fruit Cleanse

I purchased the 60 day fruit cleanse just before preparing for an extended fast. Using the content and helpful tips helped prepare me for the pre and post fasting stages. The material presented is straightforward, educational and extremely insightful.

Melvina Hill

60 Day Fruit Cleanse: A Plantbawdy Metamorphosis