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About PlantBawdy

Peace + Blessings,

My name is Stephanie but you can call me PLANTBAWDY. 

I embarked on my journey in 2017 after I decided to go vegan. I was sick of feeling “blah” on the inside. I knew that this feeling was directly related to what I was putting into my body. After I’d lost 30 lbs in a few weeks, migraines disappeared, and my skin was clearing up, I knew that I was on to something great! I began telling everyone, especially my family. I wanted the entire world to feel what I was feeling. 

During the next few years, I often heard from friends and people on the internet say, “ Stephanie, you always had that body!” and my response would always be, “Nah! this is a PLANTBAWDY”. I didn’t feel the need to defend how I looked because I knew how I felt. 

Soon after, I decided to coin the name and turn it into a business. I wanted all women to have a PLANTBAWDY and it would be my mission to empower women to go plant based so they could witness their own transformation. 

Plantbawdy Beauty & Wellness empowers women to find peace, self love and healing through a plant based lifestyle. This change happens through not only what you eat but what your skin and hair eats as well. So, we help women to swap out their toxic products for clean, organic, and nature approved products.