CINCINNATI ORDERS- Please Read Before Ordering!

ALL ORDERS must be placed through our website. However, If you are in the Cincinnati area, you will pick up your order from UMBER WAX BAR in OTR... 1414 Walnut Street (Downtown Cincinnati) 

There will be only ONE pick up location. Your order will will be available at UMBER WAX BAR within 24-48hrs of ordering. Once your order is available at UMBER WAX BAR, you will have 24hrs to pickup up. If you don’t show up within those 24hrs, your order will be resold. ALL SEAMOSS ORDERS ARE NON REFUNDABLE! 

If you are not the one picking up your order, the person coming in your absence will HAVE to show your confirmed order that you received once your order was placed online. 

Once your order has left our possession WE DO NOT accept responsibility for your item(s) not making it to you. 

If you or the person you have allowed to pick up your order doesn't show up to pick up your order, then you will forfeit your order and a new order must be placed.